Tổng quan

Vietnam's strategy is to prioritize the development of the mechanical engineering and metallurgy industry (Investment in steel manufacturing for the mechanical engineering industry: sheet steel, shaped steel, and alloy steel); chemicals (prioritize petrochemical products); processing agricultural, forestry and aquatic products (prioritize highly competitive export processing products combined with building and developing distinctive brands for Vietnamese agriculture, forestry and fisheries); textiles and garments, footwear (promote potential markets such as Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa; and build a retail distribution system for Vietnamese brands); electronics and telecommunications (encourage the development of software, especially embedded software in hardware, electronic and telecommunication equipment in order to meet domestic demand); new energy and renewable energy (focus on applying high technology for solar, wind, biogas, biomas, geothermal power generation sources ,... for peaceful purpose and continue to research on nuclear safety and current popular nuclear power technologies).

By 2025, Vietnam's industry will develop with a rational structure according to sectors and territories, be competitive for development in integration, have modern technology and participate in global value chains in a number of sectors and fields, and be capable in basically responding to the requirement of the economy and export. By 2035, Vietnamese industry shall be developed with the majority of sectors with advanced technology, international standard product quality, participating deeply in the global value chain, using energy economically, efficiently, competitive fairly in international integration; a team of professional, disciplined and highly productive workers who are proactive in stages of research, design, and manufacture.

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Our research investment focuses in Supporting Industry with careful preparation in terms of personnel, technology, finance and distribution system. The goal is mastering technology, improving technical and managerial qualifications. From there ensure product quality and participation in global supply chains.

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